We appreciate the outstanding contributions our faculty make and encourage you to participate in the commencement exercises. All faculty participating in the commencement ceremonies must be in academic apparel. See below for information about rental or purchase of academic apparel.

Early each semester the dean's office will request faculty participation from the college's departments. The materials required for faculty participation in commencements and instructions will be distributed by the dean's office later in the semester.

Hooding Instructions for MSU Faculty

Doctoral Regalia Rental

For details about faculty rentals, please visit Commencement Connection. Be sure to order early, as there is a deadline for rental and a late fee will apply. Late rentals cannot be guaranteed.

Call 517-355-5116 for additional information on cap and gowns.

Doctoral rental pick-up will be the week of commencements.

Following participation in the ceremony, return your rental at the assembly location (Auxiliary Gym). To avoid late fee, return rentals to the Spartan Spirit Shop, MSU Union Building, 49 Abbot Road, no later than 5:00 p.m., Monday, December 16.

Other academic apparel items are available at the Commencement Connection website or the Spartan Spirit Shop, MSU Union Building. Please email capgown@msu.edu or call 517-355-5116 with questions.

Faculty interested in purchasing Doctoral Regalia, please contact the Spartan Spirit Shop at 517-355-5116 or capgown@msu.edu

Academic Costume Code (American Council on Education)