NO bags or purses are allowed in any Commencement facility (Breslin Center, Wharton Center and MSU Auditorium). 

Please visit the Breslin Center website for a complete listing of prohibited items. The prohibited items at the Breslin Center are the same for the Wharton Center and the MSU Auditorium.

Metal detectors will be at all entrances, please plan accordingly for lines into the facilities. 

Permitted Items
•    Medically needed items (must be in a clear plastic gallon bag)
•    Binoculars (no cases)
•    Pagers and cell phones (no selfie-sticks)
•    Cameras and camcorders (no cases)
•    Strollers - Please check it at Guest Services or with platform attendant
•    Child care items (no diaper bags, must be in a clear plastic gallon bag)
•    Seat cushions (no pockets, pouches, zippers)
•    Compact umbrellas (no large umbrellas, no metal tips)

Prohibited Items
(Sorry, we are not able to store any of these items. For the safety and enjoyment of all fans, please leave prohibited items at home or in your vehicle.)

•    Purses or bags of any size
•    Weapons - (no pocket knives of any size)
•    Containers - Any kind (including aerosol cans & spray cans)
•    Large umbrellas, flags, flagpoles
•    Helium balloons - (can be checked and left at Guest Services, Section 117)
•    Food - Any kind
•    Coolers, thermoses
•    Bottled water
•    Chair backs
•    Projectiles & other potentially dangerous objects
•    Use of tobacco products, campus wide

Breslin Center No Bag Policy


If you have any questions, please call the Breslin Center or Wharton Center during standard business hours.

Breslin Center:  517-432-1989
Wharton Center:  1-800-WHARTON