MSU Auditorium Ceremonies

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Information for Persons with Disabilities

Due to the desire of ALL to participate in commencement ceremonies, even those who face challenges in mobility and in their health, we ask for the cooperation of all to exercise as much patience as possible. Please feel free to contact us with questions. We are pleased to assist you with your visit to campus on a very happy and momentous occasion.


A ramped entrance is at the southwest corner of the building. Limited seating without steps is available on the main floor.

To reserve seating for persons with disabilities on the main floor, please contact Matthew Kribs, from Monday, May 1–Wednesday, May 3, at or 517-884-3199.

In order to accommodate the high volume of requests for seating in the sections reserved for persons with disabilities, we ask that the person with a disability and one other guest be seated in this area, and that the remainder of the party find seating in the general seating areas.

Wheelchairs are not available at the MSU Auditorium. Please be sure that wheelchairs or walkers are clearly marked for identification when transferring individuals to theatre seats. 

Open Captioning/Interpreters

Open Captioning is available at the MSU Auditorium.

Please contact the college commencement coordinator below by April 10 to request an interpreter for the deaf. Seats will be reserved for guests requiring an interpreter. To reserve seating, please contact Matthew Kribs, from Monday, May 2–Wednesday, May 4, at  or 517-884-3199. There may be limits on the number of reserved seating.


Parking for persons with disabilities is limited at the MSU Auditorium. You may drop off individuals at the circle drive in front of the auditorium. Please do so as quickly as possible so others may do so as well.

We recommend the Auditorium Commencement Shuttle Bus Service on Saturday, May 6. Buses are accessible. Lot 41 is the recommended lot for those with disabilities. There is NO CHARGE for the service.

Saturday, May 6, 8:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

  • Lots 39 and 40 (at Shaw Lane between Farm Lane and Red Cedar Road).  Stops in front of the International Center.
  • Lot 41 (at Shaw Lane between Farm Lane and Science Road). Stops on Science Road at the Abrams Planetarium.

College Commencement Coordinator

Saturday, May 6, 10:00 a.m., MSU Auditorium
Karen Mills, Director
Contact: Denise Benington - (517) 353-6480 or